Sibling Chemistry and Other Monday Tidbits

Sibling Chemistry and Other Monday Tidbits

Ugh! It’s been one of those mornings where my eight and ten-year-olds seem to be arch enemies. They have been learning about the periodic table, so I tried to explain the way they are behaving in chemistry terms. My daughter immediately recognized that she is the reactor. We declared that my son is a base with an antogonistic edge. Science people, what kind of base would that be?
I put them both to work cleaning up the kitchen, and they seem to have moved past fighting and are discussing legos. Let’s hope that the fighting is over! We are planning a trip to the library and croc shopping, for our upcoming vacation. I’m hoping for no eruptions!
Yesterday was busy with church, visiting, cooking and the concert. It was all good, but I sure am tired. My thirteen-year-old is completely exhausted. Poor fella. I sent him to Mars Hill today with notes for two of his teachers. He about had a tearful panic attack when he discovered an untaken Math test in his backpack this morning.  I calmly wrote a note explaining the situation. In the past, I would have freaked out right along with him,  I would have worried how about him failing to take the test would have reflected on “Me”. My poor kids have put up with a lot because of my insecurities over the years.
This week will be another busy one with friends coming for dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a fun little treat that is planned for Thursday after co-op. On Friday us girls are going to hear the Von Trapp family singers for my daughter’s fifteenth birthday. I am looking forward to that.
Now it’s off to get the little kids to help me with a little act of kindness for their frazzled and exhausted big brother. We are going to clean his room. 🙂
Have a beautiful day!

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