Order to My Day

Order to My Day

Yesterday was a fun day. We had our weekly homeschool co-op. Then I took my son to violin lessons and out to eat with a friend from orchestra. I brought home pizza for the rest of the family, and then when Josh headed off to work, the kids and I went to the basement for a slumber party. I for one could not sleep and as soon as the tornado watch expired, I went to my own bed.

This morning, I feel a little bit of regret sneaking in.(Too much fun and not enough work!) I was greeted by a fridge in the middle of my kitchen (The ice maker leaked yesterday, leaving quite a watery mess), a big pile of laundry on the mudroom counter and a house that needs a good straightening. It’s amazing how taking one day “off” of housework can lead to such a big mess. It’s catch up day!

It will be a busy weekend. Tomorrow is the brunch, and a hair appointment for me. Also I am noticing that all three of the boys are looking pretty shaggy and need haircuts. Also, we need to have all schoolwork finished by Saturday night, because Sunday is going to be a full day for sure! We have church, then the youth will meet after church, then Nathaniel has orchestra rehearsal, then I am making dinner for our homegroup, dropping it off and then heading to the orchestra concert. EEK! (I will not become frantic, I will not become frantic…)

Last year, in the midst of a busy season I caught myself looking forward to things like ballet recitals and CKYO concerts to be over. It hit me that I wasn’t enjoying these events. I was, in fact, dreading them. I made a decision then that I was going to start enjoying these things and stop looking at them as a burden. We did cut out a few things and life does feel a little simpler, but I think the biggest change is in my heart.

It’s the same with homegroup, praying weekly with my friend Natalie, church events, etc. These are times to be cherished! I get to love people and spend time with them. I used to look at each occasion as an appointment on the calendar and I was frustrated that I had too many things to do and not enough time to do “what I wanted”. Now my heart has changed and these are the things that I want.

So, in these moments when I start to feel overwhelmed by the busyness, I pray and ask my Heavenly father to order my day.

Dear Father,

Today I want to bring You glory. I want to love my family and love everyone that I come into contact with. Please give me Your heart for the people around me. Help me today to be a good teacher to my children and a good manager of my home. I confess that I feel overwhelmed. Please bring order to this day and help me to be productive. Amen.

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