I am thankful for a few sunshiny days! Yesterday I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom, which has a skylight. The sun was shining down and it felt awesome. I have never enjoyed cleaning a bathroom so much. I was actually tempted to grab a towel and lay beneath it for a while, but there was work to be done. I did get to sit out on the back porch and enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband, and that was very pleasant. I also had coffee with with my friend Ellie, and I helped her get started on planning a Disney World vacation. I feel the winter blues departing!

Speaking of coffee, this morning I made a real cappuccino. I used coffee that the Johnson family brought us from the Dominican, my french press and my new nespresso milk frother from Ellie and her mom. (Thank you!) It was delicious and I already feel the energy surging through my veins. I need a little advice though. Can someone please tell me how to keep grounds out of my espresso? I am using a french press. Anyway, I am hoping that between the caffeine and the sunshine, it will be a productive day.

What’s on the agenda today? First up, lots of schooling. Then, as always there is laundry and cleaning. I am having the ladies from church over for brunch on Saturday, so i need to start planning towards that. I am looking forward to some time together.

I don’t have any deep thoughts today. Or, maybe I have the wrong idea about what a deep thought is. Today  I want to serve God as I simply love and care for the people that God has placed in my life, as I love and honor my husband, as I teach and train my children and as I manage my home. I guess those ideas could be interpreted as profound.

Off I go! School is starting three minutes late! I hope you have a productive day!


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