It was a rough night around here. I was up till 1:00 A.M. making one of my children redo some schoolwork that was due today. It would have been much easier to go to bed and let my kid hand in sloppily done work, but we pushed through. We talked about how they can do things differently next time. I also asked myself what I can do differently. This week I told them that we are going to check the work daily, rather than waiting for the weekend. Mars Hill is just as challenging for me and my work ethic, as it is for my kids.

Monday is a work day for me. We do school Tuesday through Saturday. As mentioned above, I also end up doing some school on Sunday. So, Monday, while my big kids are at Mars Hill, is a set aside day that I have to clean, do laundry and take care of those things that get neglected during the school week. I got a good chunk of the kitchen cleaned last night during our late night school session. I hope to clean the house from top to bottom today. It’s always nice to start the school week in a clean house.

This is where that telling the whole story part comes in. You might be thinking, “Wow. She’s so organized. I bet her house is so clean.” Honestly, this has been one of the greatest struggles for me. There’s a million other things that I would like to do, other than clean. I have been undisciplined and lazy in this area of my life. This is one of the things that God showed me about myself. I always made excuses and I used to accuse my husband of having standards that were too high. The truth is, I was lazy and my standards were very low. I was mad at my husband for calling me up to higher standard. I was defensive when he asked me to do things around the house or when he asked me to do things a different way. I was quite the drama queen. It was extremely humbling to realize that I was the problem.

This isn’t to say, “I changed and now I’m a regular Martha Stewart!” Nope. It’s still really hard for me. I have to discipline myself and be focused. I have to set aside some other things that would be more fun to do. And, I have to follow a LIST! (I’ve always hated lists…it’s a rebellion thing.) There are days when my house still looks like a tornado hit. My husband says that the biggest difference now is that I am now approachable. And, I let him help me. I used to get all tied up in knots when he tried to help. I thought it was because it made me feel bad. Now I realize that it’s because I just didn’t want to join him in the work, and I felt guilty about that . I’m also teaching my kids to work much harder. In general, things are better. Most definitely, my heart has completely changed.

On that note, it’s time to get busy. I hope that you have a day full of love and service to others.

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